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Over 12,000 page views for new website over the first year

In January 2016 we launched our new website, The concept was to create a village resource that covered off everything going on in our village, from the organisations and clubs to local businesses, a regularly updated news section and the all important events pages. Traffic is encouraged to visit the website through the Facebook pages we also manage.

Since the new website was launched on January 1st last year we have had 12,197 page views. It has been visited 3,875 times by a total of 2,757 unique users, quite impressive level of interest in our small village. Unsurprisingly our biggest peak in traffic was around the Midsummer Festival with 536 visits in the week running up to the Lamb Feast.

After the home page, the most viewed page was the events page, showing the importance of keeping this up to date. This was closely followed by the organisations and clubs page and then our news page.

The history pages were also popular and over the course of the past year the extensive text we've had for many years has also been supplemented with a large archive of photographs and videos.

If you have any comments on our website or would like anything added to it please get in touch at

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