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Plympton House

Plympton House in the village of Plympton St Maurice, Devon, is a grand Grade I listed country house, in the William-and Mary tradition near St Maurice's Church. It was completed circa 1715-20 by George Treby II, MP for Plympton Erle from 1708 to 1727. There is no evidence as to who the architect was, but a 1933 Country Life article speculates that George Treby could have consulted his contemporary, fellow local MP and internationally renowned architect, Sir Christopher Wren. At the very least it’s a nice thought that the architect responsible for St Paul’s Cathedral may have had a hand in this landmark building in Plympton-St-Maurice.


Whilst Plympton House was built as a family home, it has had a variety of uses over its 300 year history. For much of the previous two centuries it has been in institutional use. It was run as a Convent and Care Home by a branch of the Roman Catholic religious congregation, "The Sisters of St Augustine of the Mercy of Jesus" since the 1930's but it closed its doors in this use in February 2012.

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