Longbrook Street

In Longbrook Street, once known as The Parade, at the eastern end of Fore Street, St. Elizabeth's House stands in extensive grounds. Originally known as Whitehall, and later as Erie Hall, it dates back to the early eighteenth century. During the Napoleonic Wars, John Boger of Erie Hall commanded Plympton's own infantry company of thirty men. They wore a smart red uniform with dark green and white facings, and thirty-eight silver-buttons! In late Victorian times it was owned by Admiral Sir Alexander Buller, and in the stables opposite, where the modern Brook Inn now stands, were kept twenty horses, including hunters and polo ponies. The South Dartmoor Hunt frequently met here. In a cottage in this Street, early in the last century, lived Henry Webber, a carpenter. He undertook tooth extractions before there was a dentist here!

Longbrook St - looking West
Longbrook St. & Parade area - 1890's
Longbrook St. - looking East
Longbrook House - site of The Brook Inn
Knife grinder in Longbrook St. - 1950
Parade House - corner of George Lane-Fore St

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