The Civic Association was formed in 1968, after conservation status was granted to Plympton St. Maurice. It aims to encourage the preservation of the land, buildings and history of the Conservation Area, and the surrounding open spaces.


Aims and Objectives


  • To encourage the restoration, preservation and improvement of the land and buildings within the Conservation Area, and the surrounding open spaces.  


  • To develop public interest in all aspects of the records and history relating to land and buildings in Plympton St. Maurice and to collect and distribute information of historical and constructional interest.


  • To encourage community life by organising social activities by working with local organisations and groups and meeting with other organisations that share similar interests. 


The Civic Association was formed in 1968, after conservation status was granted to Plympton St. Maurice. It has been instrumental in the removal of overhead cables, and the replacement of street lights by wall mounted Georgian style lamps. It has undertaken projects ranging from the renovation of the old fire engine, to the provision of new curtains for the Guildhall. Each year the Association holds meetings and lectures, and organises a variety of social functions, open to the general public.  


Plymouth's growth has caused much pressure on available land in the area. Here, in St. Maurice, one must be thankful that the Conservation Area has preserved its historic identity. Without Pathfields and the bounding agricultural land that serve as a green belt, the essential character of Plympton St. Maurice would be lost. It must be hoped that we shall be able to pass on to future generations the delights that we can share in the many aspects of the ancient borough town. 


Civic Association Committee 


Freddie Mills (President)

Kevin Collis (Chairman)

Duncan Bray (Treasurer)

Janet Skinner (Secretary)

Keith Brooker

Rachel Broomfield

Phil Clowes    

Andy Cooper

James Else

Linda Else                   

Lee Everett                    

Paul Griffin                   

James Heesem    

Nathan Kemp

Pete Lock                                           

Liz Morphew                    

Steve Panton           

Tim Quinn

Jennifer Riley

Ruby Roberts

The Civic Association committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in January each year which is open to the pubic to attend. The committee then meets monthly on the third Thursday of every month, with the exception of December. 


If you would like something raised for discussion at one of the monthly meetings, please click here to complete our feedback form with full details of what you would like to be raised. It will then be added to the agenda of the next committee meeting and a response will be sent to you following the meeting. 


Local businesses who support our work


Thank you to the local business who support our work in various ways.


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